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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.9
Data that is sensitive enough to be damaged is no more a threat with the new Cafezee software. This program does the task of protecting, managing the employees and customers of a cybercafe.
Along with that, it also manages the secretive data stored in a computer by securing the access to it.

The counter here gives the customer a code, which has been previously printed before and can only be used for unlocking and starting the client computers. A login id and password system is used here so that the prepaid customer uses them to open the client computers for usage. When there is a post-paid customer, the server is unlocked for usage of the client computer with a particular rate fixed before. If there are other things to be sold, like soft drinks, scanning and print outs, then a sales report can be made which accounts even the expenses.

Sensitive data, display and network neighborhood are some of the factors that are kept secret by this software from illegal users. Cafezee is a complete package of cybercafe management. It is a software which can be afforded by anyone.


  • Makes the computer secure from illegal users


  • Can be vulnerable
  • Version 3.9 is not Vista compatible
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
trusted DOWNLOAD 12.5 MB

What's new in version 4.3

Send email directly from client
Shortcuts to frequently used applications
Report of Bandwidth used by the customer in particular time period can be traced. It mainly helps the owner of Cafezee to maintain a report on bandwidth used and control the limit of bandwidth provided.
Remotely start a session, close session, restart and shutdown the client computers from the server.
Supports Multiple languages including customizable dialogs and captions through the "Custom Language" feature.
Monitors the Bandwidth used by computers and warns the user/staff of excess bandwidth usage.
Supports multiple ways of charging for computer usage including complex postpaid schemes, prepaid codes/tickets and prepaid members.
Prevents maintenance headaches by securing the computers. Various levels of security settings can be achieved.
A wide range of reports are available that not only help to monitor and control the Internet cafe, but also to analyse and improve the business.
Records other sales and purchases thus making it easy to manage the value-added services in the Internet cafe.
Staff/employee management is made easy by providing various rights/restrictions for each member.
Offers convenience to customers by providing chat and request services interfaces in the client software
Automatically charge for the printouts.
Control the printouts given by the users, Allow/Cancel a print job.
Capture all the websites or web pages visited by a customer.
Allow and ban applications by their path, window title.
Allow and ban websites by their site address, and website title.
Providing the Last login information for prepaid member and prepaid code accounts.
Accept the customer details before starting a post-paid session.
Exit the selected Cafezee client(s) from the server.
Get selected reports, automatically emailed to your email id.
New reports and more configuration options.

Publisher's description

Cafezee Internet Cafe Software manages the customers and employees of your Internet cafe ensuring secured billings reliably through state of art cybercafe software.

Cafezee cyber cafe software ensures staff accountability and system security with minimal interference to the cybercafe customers thus resulting in smooth control.

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    All features are not working